Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Cocoon

Today felt like I was insulated from the world and life.
My kiddo was sick, we stayed home and watched movies, just
layed with her and rubbed her hair as she slept, she is so sweet.
I lucked out and even had a message scheduled and was actually
able to go because Kali was here and able to help. During the message
she played a CD of the Dahli llama chanting, it was so beautiful. The CD is a chant
through healing. The message felt different today, like the whole universe was saying
just be today and receive all this love and healing energy. I got home totally relaxed, Abby was feeling a little better, we read books and talked. My parents had stopped by to check on Abs and friends came over to bring otter pops, eggs from their own chickens for chocolate zucchini bread, and presents just because. My dad ended coming by twice- we talked about the economy and some politics. Joe got home on time and we didn't have to go anywhere or do anything, it was sooo nice. I got to take a walk as the sun was setting. Today, a cocoon all warm and protected.


kristy said...

Hey w, glad to hear about your day. Sounds so great. I'm glad you got your massage and hope it brought you a big ahhhhh.
Love ya girl, K

anna said...

mmm...every now and then the universe blesses you baby! Here's to more of those, for you, for me, for all those we love. a