Monday, September 22, 2008


"The month of September also marks the 'Wine Moon,' the lunar cycle when grapes are harvested from the arbors, pressed and put away to become wine...The full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox is known as the 'Harvest Moon,' since farmers would also harvest their crops during the night with the light of the full moon to aid them."

Moppets are mopin' as schools reopen. Nights are crisp, and apples crisper; in the wind, there's just a whistper of what's coming. Rain drumming, warm but steady, mutters, "Get ready."

-Farmers Almanac 2008


Us 4 said...

your pic is awesome, love it!!

Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

This picture is AMAZING!
You can definetly tell it's fall here, we had some rain last night and some cool air tonight on our walk, actually put blankets on the kids!

Sara and David said...


Wendy said...

Hey, its me. Just so everyone knows I actually didn't take this photo- it is beautiful though. Next moon is the harvest moon so i'll try and get "ours." :) Love you all.