Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ucluelet, B.C.

What is that saying about making lemonade?
Leaving the RV park when we were supposed to be getting to the Pacific Rim Nationalu Park to reserve a spot for the following night, not knowing yet where we were staying for tonight- but the “park” at the RV campground and the swimming pool were awesome for the kids. Almost getting Michael’s RV stuck and having to have a front loader get him out, but the guys ended up getting it. Finally on the right road out to Tofino- 90 degrees and Abs starts screaming and hitting her belly with tears streaming down her face-my belly hurts, my belly hurts, momma saying “ do you have to throw up or poop.” On a road with no where to pull off- in my mind I was thinking sorry dad, your truck might need some cleaning either way we go here. 4 out of 8 people had stomach cramps- great, what the hell did we eat? GOOD TIMES! We did end up averting disaster however, after unbuckling her so she could lay down she thankfully fell asleep, ahhhhh.
The road was a bit stressful with the camper but the scenery was breathtaking. I was kicking myself for not paying more attention in 8th grade geology- sorry Mr. Gilbertson, because the lake we went around looked almost exactly like going around our Lake Crescent. I wonder geologically- the same thing happened at the same time to create those lakes and those hills. Next we hit the windy road crossing and following a bunch of rivers- people stopped jumping off big rocks into the river- maybe that will be us on the way home? Getting close to the ocean opens into a giant lake, listening to Bill’s voice on the CD player, it felt amazing and beautiful.
And now we are nestled into the fishing village of Ucluelet with the sun going down, fishing boats coming in and out and the kids hunting for beach glass. Its all good.

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