Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hikes and Bikes

A quick one today, hoping to get some pictures up tomorrow. Woke up to fog horns and fishing boats going out. Spent the morning on the beach turning over rocks with the kids- Joe the nature man picking up countless eels, fish, and other sea life for the kids to see. Only had to move a few hundred yards away to our camp site tonight on top of a hill overlooking the bay. Went on a great hike with the kids that took us by a lighthouse, on a boardwalk and through some forest, similar to how Cape Flattery looks. It feels so Northwest up here, so beautiful and wild at the same time. After our hike we found a cute aquarium where the kids could touch almost anything and at the end of the summer all the animals go back into the water and the place closes for the winter- how cool is that? A nice dinner in town with the crew and back to the campsite for a fire, jiffy pop and marshmellows. Almost forgot.... Abby rode little Michael's bike without training wheels and did AWESOME. She kept telling me, let go mom, let go mom... wow it was hard to actually let her go but i did. So cool. Tomorrow her wheels are coming off, ughghh she is growing up.


Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

Go ABBY!! Hurray for the no training wheels, now you just need to convince Jakob - he is so close but so afraid!
Sounds like an amazing trip! Enjoy!

Seattlemom said...

How are you posting in the middle of nowhere?? Yeah!!!!ABS. You go girl. xxjill