Monday, August 4, 2008

Nanaimo, B.C.

So we're all snug in the camper on our first night RV camping with the Payeskos. Had a few stress filled moments in the process of getting one large truck towing a 20ft. camper and a 26ft. motorhome towing a VW bus, trying to stay together and find our way here but all in all it went ok.
Some Greats and Not so Greats- Abby waking up all sleepy to find Esa eating cherrios in our kitchen, she was pretty excited. Abs, Sarah, and Mikie checking out the goats and having a quick ride on Sage before packing up the caravan. The top deck on the coho ferry, totally beautiful, sunny and warm. A fly by by the coast guard helicopter right over the ferry. Joe and Sarah coming back from the front after seeing porpoises. A guy barfing by the bathroom (only heard about it, a "great" because I didn't have to actually see it.) BC Days in Victoria and a detour through residential Victoria- the houses were so sweet. Passing the RV park on accident, through Nanaimo and trying to turn around- the middle fingers were flying let me tell you strangers and loved ones alike. Finally we get to Rosalyn Resort which turns out to be near a lake, has a little golf course, a park, and a little pool- who knew? This type of camping is something we've definately never experienced- we are literally 5 ft. away from the people next to us and its NOT Michael, unfortunately, although they are one site over. Turns out everyone likes to camp in B.C. in the summer and that the whole Pacific Rim National Park where were are attempting to head to tomorrow is full- hmmm interesting planning Schroeders'. There are a few sites that are first come first serve that we are hoping to get to tomorrow to reserve for the next night, unsure of where we'll land tomorrow but we have our beds, good food, happy kids, and good friends so really how bad can it be? Not bad at all.


kristy said...

sounds great! what an adventure! miss you xoxo

Us 4 said...

We would loved to of seen the fingers fly. Have a great week and we look foward to the stories.

kristy said...

still miss you guys!