Sunday, August 24, 2008

So I've never really owned a vehicle that I had any mechanical trouble with. Before I got the Jetta I had a sweet little Subaru- totally dependable, totally functional. The reason we sold it- because we could still get some money for it 1, and also because we wanted to do biodiesel and get great gas mileage. I did lots of research and looked for quite awhile. So I do love the gas mileage, to drive it, and the radio but more of me hates the car now. The last 2 months I've actually been getting consistently flipped off while driving due to the black exhaust pouring out of it when I step on the gas. I finally found a good mechanic shop that ISN't the dealership and they figured out the problem. I was all excited and liking my car for approx. 2 days. Then leaving Kristy's house 1/4 mile from the shop luckily and NOT at the gorge or going 79 mph down the road the axle broke and proceeded to then punch a hole in the transmission case. *$@^&, liquid is just pouring out of the front end, not good. To make matters worse.... I was supposed to leave for the Jack Johnson concert the next day, OMG.
Thanks to everyone for helping me out....for getting me to the mechanic, home the scenic route and for telling me it was going to be fine.... for making me mojitos and playing Jack for me on Friday... for offering their car for me to take....Joe for hugging me when I was mad and crying, and for a 9pm call from the concert telling me what the gorge looked like and letting me listen to Jack in the background singing. Wa-hoo!!! Love you all.

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Seattlemom said...

I remember some SAAB moments with you reminding me to take deep breaths (THE CLUTCH HOW CAN IT BE THE CLUTCH AGAIN??) and driving me back & forth to my beloved repair shop (wherein I lived for 2 yrs). You had some good car karma coming your way and it sounds like you got it!