Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Have just finished reading my friend Jill's travel blog about meeting her daughter through adoption in China a whole world away. How after a few hours, she was smiling and laughing at her big sister, not letting Jill out of her site. I can't help but think how amazing this life is. That a sweet little 3 yr. old who has lived in an orphanage in a very poor part of China can immediately know that she is her momma and this is her family. How can we NOT be all connected somehow? It is like the more you love; life, people, yourself... the bigger it becomes. The deeper the love the greater the sorrow, right? Sometimes I feel myself being scared of feeling so much but in the end how can you stop? For me it takes more energy to resist than to feel so much and in turn hurt at times. Thank you everyone for loving me and my family and for letting me love you back.

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