Monday, September 10, 2007

Cheerleading OMG!

This is so classic I couldn't resist. So her first game of soccer....... maybe 4 years is a little early?? She hardly wanted to even go to the game let alone actually kick the ball.
In the a.m. before Opening Day of Soccer, she says, "momma, I don't really
want to play soccer." Now, this mom who played soccer for quite awhile as a
kid is cringing inside but trying to stay cool and go along with it. We talked about
reasons why she might or might not like it, she decides to at least go and try. (mind
you she is also a little sick with UResp. stuff.) Opening day full of lots of kids and parents,
all she wants to do is have us hold her 40 lb. little body.
Next, she really has fun playing at the playground of the elementary school waiting for her game to start. We have to practically physically place her on the field but she gets a little into once all the kids start running around. And that is the end of the story. She ran around, came out and sat on my lap as her other teammates were still playing, the coaches daughter had to take her hand and run with her so she would go out there a few times, and a few other plays, looked like she almost wanted to kick it but got spooked at the last second. When i told her to go ahead and just kick the ball any which way, forget the goal- happy to just make contact NOW, she states, "Mom i don't want to kick it, if i do everyone is going to yell my name, and i'm afraid of getting hurt. So she is a little shy of the spotlight and the attention which has historically been true for her and normal to not want to get hurt, but the last statement made a few hours later is what really GOT me. We're at nephews Wolfpup football game and she sees the little cheerleaders. "Mom, I want to be a cheerleader instead of play soccer." Now, lots of you know that i have always thought cheerleading a little less of a sport i should say and have been known in the past to have even done a little cheerleading bashing, so this was INTENSE. But I just took a big breath and said we'll just see how it goes. I loved sports as a kid and always said once i had kids that I would not try and make them if they didn't like to play or want to.........but please.. anything ...... but....... cheerleading..... :)


Sara and David said...

Ugh, my worst nightmare come true... "Please God don't let Lanie be a girlie girl" has been my repeated mantra. She loves going to football/basketball games and cheering for the kids, but I hope she stays content to be in the stands or on the court in the future!

Watson Family said...

Oh Man, I was just talking to Mark about this. I was at the High School I oversee the other day and saw the Freshman Cheerleaders - you wouldn't believe what they wear! I told Mark I will never let our daughter be a cheerleader! So, Wen, I totally feel your pain, as a fellow soccer player and cheerleader basher myself, I'm sorry to say that I don't have much advise to give on the duaghter thing! Maybe, gymnastics or ballet would better fulfill that girlie girl desire? I really don't like the idea of little girls cheering - seems to start that pattern of needing to dress a certain way - or starts a stereotype sooner - I don't know! I'm very biased I guess.

Cassandra Brittany Pearl said...

Oh my goodness Wen this is hillarious! Maybe you should put big Jas on the job of explaining to Abs the important things in life. :) If sure he could give a mean pep talk. Love ya!