Saturday, September 29, 2007

Horse House

To start out, sorry about the last post and then nothing forever. I am doing just fine, hate to admit it but turns out it was PMS last week. I used to think that it didn't affect me that way, that i didn't get bitchy and moody. Weellll, maybe 2 years of nothing addded up to a whole lot of something!! A few new pictures.....

Another outside pic of the yard and one of my fav Dahlia's.

The guys started working on the horse barn!! Sage is going to be so happy this winter

Carl, Jason, and Cody

Abs and Joe on TOP of the roof- she loved it-doesn't bode well for repeating tricks like her papa who tried jumping off roofs.

Looks pretty sweet, the horses will be all toasty in their new spot this winter.


Watson Family said...

Yeh for the horse house! Sage will be such the happy horse! Glad to hear you are feeling better! Love that Joe is teaching Abby already about how cool it can be to be on the roof!!
I miss you!!

Sara and David said...

Hi! I'm glad you are doing better...The last bit has stunk for me too and I can't even blame PMS! Luckily I think things can only get better...
Looks like Abby is quite adventurous, great for her, scary for mom!