Monday, March 22, 2010


Today seemed so long but in the best sense.
Got some work done but was able to be in the sunshine and hold sweet bubba's hand while we looked at tractors, listening to him talk and talk.
Got to have tea in the middle of the day, sit in the grass, talk and eat Kale from the garden.
Saw a fantastic report card from Abs, so proud of her.
Took a walk down the road with Abby and Wes, Abby saved 3 salamanders- the kind with the bright orange bellies, one of them we think was pregnant her belly was BIG!
Then a little fire in the yard and marshmellows with Joe.
Abby pulled her hanging tooth out tonight so brave.
And now Wes is asleep, the house all quiet listening to Joe's voice reading a libary book to his girl.


Jessica said...

Sounds like a sweet kind of day. Those make the hard ones worth it.

kristy said...

sounds like the perfect day and someone who is living the dream!