Monday, March 29, 2010

Part 1- Road Trip

It seems there is tech difficulty at the moment with uploading pics so those are to come soon.
We made it down to San Francisco to Michael and Celeste's after 2 days driving. It is so nice to be here as we haven't been down for 4 years we figured out. Their house is lovely, all the plants have grown and look so amazing, lemons and oranges growing in their yard, fresh lemonade from tree ripened lemons, the big kids laughing and screaming having all sorts of fun. It's so relaxed, no pressure to do things, just to be. aaahhhh...

A thought from the car ride down.
We, as mothers, spend so much time wondering what we could have done differently as our kids are doing some ungodly behavior that makes us want to crawl away or explain somehow,
i should have been more consistent, i should i have been more mellow, i should have been stricter, more lenient, more. more. more.
And then there are times that you just look at your kids and it hits you how really perfect and beautiful they are, how they are really, really good kids and you get to think that maybe, just maybe you are doing it all right.


Carla said...

Yes Yes YES!!! Been having more of those moments lately and feeling so blessed because of it! Also have a very whiny 6 year old but that is to be expected too :)!

Jessica said...

As I read this, my almost three year old is doing exactly everything I tell him to not do! Your thought is so true and inspirational. Enjoy your road trip and time away to relax.

kristy said...

those moments get us through all the others...and yes you and Joe are doing an AMAZING job!