Saturday, March 6, 2010


There are so many moments that you want to never forget
and sooo many moments you can't wait until you do forget. I wish there was
more time to write on here, that i could record more because i will forget when they are big these days when Wes is crawling around- his main goal to get anywhere he can stand up to. Right now he is crawling across the wood floor with a rice biscuit in his hand, it crunching a little as he motors across the floor and then stops to wave his arms around like he does when he's really happy and takes a few bites.
So Fridays are rough here, we all ended up going to sleep very early last night. Its the end of the week of school so abs is worn out, my full day of work at the hospital which for the last month has been slammed, often i'm the only nurse on and Joe is wiped from working like crazy. Last night my 7 yr old looked at me and told me how "annoying" i was when i didn't let her eat a granola bar right before dinner in which she promptly had to go to her room, her in a total meltdown, she ended up just going to sleep she was so tired. As pissed as i am in those moments i also think about how little she is still even though in comparison to Wes she is huge. In her tiredness when i asked really what was going on she said she misses us, that she doesn't know why she can't go to school for 1/2 day and be home for 1/2 day, that she loves recess but couldn't she just come home instead? This kiddo has a great day at school everyday when i pick her up and has some really good buddies it seems but still something is super tough about school for her. So after she apologizes through her tears she says, I just want to go lay down with you, so we do and she starts to calm down, her breathing gets more steady, she turns to me and we say, "i love you" and she falls asleep in all of her clothes at 6:30 at night, for the whole night.


Jessica said...

Time, where does it go. I often think about how I don't want to forget anything Shane says (he is just starting to really talk), but of course hours later can't remember the cute little thing he just said. And Friday nights, I'm wiped too! Always glad for the weekend! What sweet kiddos you have!

jwilskey said...

It is the constant pull of "I want to grow up, but i don't." I see it everyday with the little ones at preschool AND at home with my 2. It is such a hard job growing up!
You are a great Mom Wendy!

Wendy said...

Thanks guys. Jac- that is totally it, one minute they want to be big and the next they are fighting it and it is hard work growing up. This parenting thing is not for the faint of heart that is for sure. You are such a good mom, too jac- your kids are so lucky to have you for their mama!

Seattlemom said...

Love these stories about sweet Ab. She is so lucky to have you and her daddy. I used to write down things the boys said on slips of paper and keep them. I still find them tucked all over in books and boxes and they make me smile. You'll remember the important stuff and that is enough.