Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our First Look

Our first photos of our sweet little baby. The ultrasound went great.
Joe and I were pretty nervous and glad when this was over and
everything was fine. We never had a 20wk US with Abby so never
saw such clear images of all the baby's parts! It was awesome to say
the least. My eyes were "leaky" for most of the scan. I just felt so
lucky and seriously amazed to be looking at that screen. The baby
was moving around quite a bit, Abby even got to see the baby open and
close it's hand. So Cool! We didn't find out if we are having a boy or girl,
much harder to do when you actually have a choice- I prefer to not have to decide
for sure. When the US tech was done I asked her so now you know if we
are having a boy or girl? Not fair, why don't you just tell me!! but she
wouldn't, said to call her in a couple days if I really changed my mind. :)
Then we got to hang with the Yates' in Seattle doing the last Flower and Garden show, the aquarium, a super yummy pizza place called Piecora's, and a hotel pool. So nice.


Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

My first reaction when I pulled up this page was a gasp and tears!! HURRAY, so awesome and exciting and so many other things!! Baby looks amazing, what a great picture! I 'm so glad Abby was there with you to see that! Jakob thought it was pretty cool too.
LOVE YOU TONS and rub that belly for me!!
Hope to get together sometime soon!

Jessica said...

How wonderful. What a great picture! I'm so happy everything went so well!

Us 4 said...

It's a boy.....

Denise Michele said...

AHHH! I want to scream and twirl you around!! Yay!
Hello,sweet baby! Oh Wendy, it is just wonderful...WONDERFUL!

jwilskey said...

What a wonderful memory that your little family of 3, soon to be 4, will have! So happy for you! Hope everything continues on peacefully...take care. Thinking of you. love you.