Sunday, February 8, 2009

Night time

Tonight as Abby was going to bed.

Abs" Momma, before the baby comes you should sort of train me or something so I don't need you to lay down with me to go to sleep. Because when the baby comes and when i get my high bed you aren't going to be climbing up there right? Plus you are going to need to rest and some quiet time."

Me: (trying not to laugh too much) Yeah, you are so right sweetie.

I get up a few minutes later and she asks is her little voice if i will check on her, of course I will I say. She then proceeds to curl up with her 4 ft. long rattle snake her Papa bought her at the zoo and falls asleep on her own.

A few times in the last few days she'll start to ask me to help her with something, usually involving getting dressed and then she quickly says, before i have a chance to mutter a word, almost to herself, " Oh yeah, I'm 6, I can do that." and she goes off and does it for herself.


Jessica said...

That gave me precious and sad all at the same time. You write so beautifully, Wendy!!

Carla said...

Wow, that sweet big girl! Those moments of "wow" really start coming now. They are starting to be their own separate people so much!

Your journey will be so different than mine and Jess' with so much time between your little people. It will be so fun to see how Abby is.
I had to remind myself constantly that Boone was only 2 and not so big even though he was a great helper, and Jess I am sure did too. "Remember she is only six" will have to be a mantra huh!

Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

I second Carla here, but I also think you can really train Ms. 6 year old to be a great babysitter!!:) In about a year she'll be good with watching our kids too - right?! :)
And, I know she will be a wonderful big sister, she really is so sweet and caring and already in tune with you on what you are going to need!!