Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Sweetie.

Joe surprised Abs by taking the day off and whisking her off to Pt. Defiance Zoo and Aquarium - one of her fav places to go all time. They even got to start out at the Buzz with a hot cocoa!
Momma stayed home to get things done and ready for birthday cupcakes with the fam.

Abs showing off her new duds from her Aunt Jenny and also that she grew 4 inches in a year- whoa.

Goes without saying this was a highlight!

She couldn't wait to tell me about the squirrel that was her best friend. "Mom, we even got to feed it chips. Chips Mom, really." huh.

Birthday night with the fam, chocolate cupcakes with blue whip cream, yummm. Oh and the pink fizz, flub- what was that stuff Tess? Anway, the kids scarfed it and Jake actually was trying to get the directions to make it.

A couple days later a trip to Silverdale with some buddies to Chuck E. Cheese. I know some of you are shaking your head in disbelief that we would actually bring our child there. The kids had a blast, the parents survived and she was informed this is a one time deal, no more bday's at the Cheese! She loved it though.

Me and Abs towards the end of the party week. Both looking a bit tired?

Happy birthday my girl. You are wonderful, opinionated, strong and growing up so fast. We love you with everything we got!

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Seattlemom said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Abs. She looks SO grown up. That mermaid horse is Lily's by the way ... but she will let Abs ride it, just this once. And Joe, next time you get to PD zoo you darn well better call us sweetie! Such a sweet papa.