Monday, June 25, 2012

Spinning the World

Wanted to share this writing by Juliett Jade Quail,  How to transform a suburb into a community......

break down the backyard fences and use the wood to make a big fire, burn through the isolation and light a flame of union.  the cherry trees breathe easier, stretch their branches crazy wide and shake their rusted auburn-green leaves all directions, free.  let the children and the dogs run around and mingle, share their storybooks and trains, toy pianos and counting games.  trade your cherry tomatoes for their cucumbers and melons. pick a hundred figs, eat 29 and give the rest away.  lose all the lawn mowers and get a herd of goats. put all your tvs together to construct a backyard stage, where you are the star and the audience looks you in the eye and smiles. you teach me all your capoeira moves, i convert your mercedes to biodiesel.  you make dinner for us on sunday, enough cous cous and lentil soup to feed an army of peace warriors.  i pit the plums and make a mountain of marmalade monday night.  when i need a flathead screwdriver, i knock on your door instead of driving to the hardward store.  when you have a headache i give you energy work and a massage. one laundry machine and 21 clotheslines. laughter and lavender tea, telling stories late at night. this is how we do it. deconstructing into oneness, a new village reawakening ancient ways.  

Just putting it out there.  What if we stopped living the culture of fear and instead chose to live in trust, love, and with open hearts?  The part at the end "deconstructing into oneness" gets me.... BE the change you want to see.

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