Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Growing and Little all at the Same Time

Wes: "Mama, I went poop in the grass!!"
Me: Really?... great(sarcasm) . Wes, can you show me where the poop is so I can pick it up?
Wes: "Sure mom, yeah. Right here."
Me: seriously close to gagging... taking poop to the toilet to flush it.
       "Wes... you want to poop in the potty next time?"
Wes: "No way, I looovvee pooping in the grass.
Me: ughgh (resignation).... Wessy should we just put your diaper back on?
Wes: "Nope. Love the grass mama. "

Since being back from Hawaii, Wes is going no diaper, just at night which is awesome but so much more work right now.  Abby just back from her first backpacking trip, 3 days in the woods with her school and came back all smiles, missing us, and really missing her brother so tonight she slept in his bed, all snugged up with him.  They are growing up, it is so wild.
Leaving for backpacking. Greywolf River Trail.
When Abs got home I couldn't find them, they were outside in the yard talking it up- so sweet.

Wessy the day after getting back from vacation- he couldn't wait to get his overalls back on. :)

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