Saturday, January 14, 2012


It seems to be just flying by... where o where do you go?
Driving Abs to and from school everyday...ughghgh
Basketball practice and games- super fun- am trying not to be too vocal -*hard*
Chores, playdates, and a bit of homework each night and Abs learning to do things everyday... the same thing..... that sometimes life isn't fun all the time
Abby learning lessons about how to treat people and handle emotion- * hard* on momma and her
Wessy having to go to the dentist and finding out he has major cavity issues and is learning to brush teeth 4 x a day, drink water, and not snack * hard *
Wessy being 2 learning that his momma can't do every single thing for him, that he can't have everything he wants, that his sister won't always want to play with him, not drinking as much milk and timeouts- * hard *
Joe and I trying our best to hold it all together.
There isn't a lot of light at our house these days, lots of screaming, crying and fighting, lots of games of chase, puzzles, reading books, castle making out of blocks, lego building, and trying to breathe deep and often.
Remembering that it won't always feel this stressful, to try and just breath right through it.
* HARD *


Jessica said...

There are tears in my eyes! I just so feel what you are saying. I tell myself that all the time... It won't always be this hard or feel like least o hope so! Hugs to you!

Wendy said...

Thanks Jessica, hope you are doing ok. It is mind numbing for sure but amazing at the same time, its wild. Hang in there! :)