Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Hospital

I forget about hospitals, about being a patient and not a nurse with work to do.
So many memories of a different time of my life...

The corner market in Fremont, the Italian restaurant down the street, hearing Lucy my cat bound up the stairs after spending the day outside in the city while I was at work, when it was just her and I. Milk in glass containers, visits from Joe, the subaru and the scout.

Its life in your face here with little kids kissing their momma goodbye as she pushes her pole down the hall. Doctors doing their routine while patients are riddled with anxiety, worry, and nervous laughter. Bleary-eyed residents walk the halls knowing sleep isn't happening for days. An old man waiting for his partner who had major bypass surgery, all smiles as he was leaving - he had made it through. People sleeping in the waiting room praying out loud and to themselves, 10 yr.old boys answering the phone and playing phase 10 with mom. No food all day.
Sometimes I wonder about hospitals and how we heal, that we put so much faith in other people, in what we know at that time. In the future will it just get more and more human removed with machines and robots OR will we pray more, touch each other more, and learn to heal ourselves?

I am so glad Kali got through the surgery as well as she did and healing is the only thing left for her to do.

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