Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday night

Tonight was one of those nights that just worked out without any planning. I LOVE IT!
I got to see Hannah, which these days is far in between visits because lives are just that busy. Tonight she called said she is going to be in town for dinner and it worked, the kids and i went and saw all these people that we care about, the kids playing all together and two babies- in-bellies (maybe 3) we don't know yet. it was super sweet and one of those beautiful sunny nights. All I felt was gratefullness that all those years ago we got put in the same P.E. class and that was all we needed- couldn't get us apart after that. Love you Han.


Rebecca Bany said...

Those nights are always nice.

Susha said...

you are such a good friend wen. love you!! so glad you are part of our family.