Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of 3rd Grade!!

Abby's first day of 3rd grade today. So proud of her, she was 10 tons excited and an ounce scared. She is now the youngest grade in the multi-age classroom.

comments from the day

- mom the best thing about it is that i get my own locker. so cool.

- I felt really big today mom, like old. It was cool.

- The only thing i'm worried about is teacher Tom said we would do research on the computers. I don't really know how to do research yet.

Proud of her. My friend's daughter was having a hard time, she was really nervous and just not sure. She asked Abby going in if she would hold her hand this morning that she was nervous and abs replied yeah, sure and off they went to face the new class. Proud of all the kids I know who started school this last week, they are all so smart and capable.

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Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

So great to hear she is so confident and so sweet that the girls were holding hands! They are so big but still such little girls - ya know. I love that she "doesn't really know how to do research yet", wow, I barely feel competent at that! She is going to be one smart lady!!
So proud of you Abs!