Saturday, February 26, 2011

In Peace She Went

My sweet grandma Katie died yesterday at 96 yrs old with basically nothing wrong with her but just being old. She was born in 1914 in Ohio and had a crush on my grandfather when she sat behind him in 7th grade. They ended up getting married in Sequim, she lived in the same house when she married until she couldn't live by herself anymore and went to a local assisted living place. She was amazingly aware at the end, responding to us just 2 days before she passed away. She was so tough..... anyone that knew her loved her joking spirit and how she said thanks for everything all the time.

I have so many memories of her growing up until now. She loved us all so much.

She always was happy to see you at her house, would always try and feed you and no matter when you stopped by she always always had homemade cookies in the cookie jar.

- thousands of ping pong games in the rec room

-having a giant drawer of flour and sugar for baking and letting me measure things out

-trying to teach me how to bowl- her sitting down in huff shaking her head with a smile on her face after probably my 5th gutter ball. " I don't know what you are doing, I can't help you."

-When all of us were in college and missing home late at night we all knew to call her because she would be awake and happy to hear from us.

-We always had huge family dinners at her house, her basically making all the food, a long table full of people and she made the BEST fried chicken.

-When Anthony and I got to spend the night at her house and we were supposed to go to bed, we would stay up laughing and not going to sleep. She never got mad at us just at some point would open the door and tell us it was time to sleep and we would zonk out.

- She made oatmeal with evaporated milk and lot of sugar and let us pick what we wanted for lunch. My brother usually picked peanut butter and honey and I usually picked chicken noodle soup.

-She and my grandpa loved to play cards I remember being little enough and sitting on their lap and watching them play with their friends trying to figure out how they shuffled the cards so well and how they played the game. Soon they taught us.

-She loved my kids. I remember sitting on the couch feeding Abby with her sitting right by me leaning into me and patting her bottom while we rocked saying how beautiful she was.

-Even in the nursing home when it was hard for her to remember my kids, Wes and I would come in to see her and she would say how big and strong he was and how beautiful. He loved to go see her, he would try and brush her hair and always wanted to touch her face. He didn't do that with anyone else.

-Abby remembers going to visit her at Sherwood, sitting on her floor drawing pictures in a tablet kept there for her while we visited.

If I can manage to walk through this world with half the dignity and grace that my grandmother and mother have I will be lucky.


jwilskey said...

such a loving tribute to Katie, Wendy, what great memories! I remember those long, full tables for dinners at their house for christmas and easter egg hunts in the yard, ping-pong and the cookies in the cookie jar! thinking of you...xoxo

Jessica Watson said...

Such wonderful memories, she sounds like a wonderful woman. Thank you for sharing and our hearts are with you and the family.

kristy said...

she sounds like an amazing woman. I didn't know her too much, but was impressed by her polished fingernails at 95!

Hannah said...

hey sweeetie,

tears in my eyes. so nice to talk to you tonight, and so nice to read about grandma katie. i remember she often would hold my hand as we sat side by side on the couch at smith family events, and she was always interested in my life, asking questions.

love you

Jode said...

RIP Grandma Katie! A wonderful lady and I am sure a FANTASTIC grandma.

Wendy said...

Thank you guys for your thoughts and for your memories... we all carry those that go with us for sure.

Seattlemom said...

hey sweetie; catching up here and just wishing I'd met her. grandmas are the best... just the best. x0