Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Few Stories

Abby in the car just picked her up from school.
Abby: Momma can you pack me a plastic bag for my lunch so i can throw all my garbage away after i eat?
Me: Well I can but then you would be throwing a plastic bag away everyday when now you just put it all in the garbage. That is a lot of plastic bags to go in the landfill.
Abby: momma, what does reduce mean?
Me: It means using less than you currently do. Throwing away a plastic bag everyday would be the opposite of reducing.
Abby: Its OK momma, i don't really need one.

This 'tread lighter on the world' momma was smiling for sure.

Next story is about my grandma Katie who is almost 96 and living in an assisted care place.
She spends a lot of time laying down now, gets confused off and on, and now talks a lot with her eyes closed. So my mom comes in to see her.
Mom: Hi mom, how are you doing?
Gram: (eyes closed) I'm ok, I want a BEER!
Mom: (kind of chuckling) Oh yeah, that sounds good doesn't it.
Gram: (a little more forceful this time) I want a BEER.
Mom: Well mom, they don't have any here.
Gram: Well get some money out of my purse down there and go get some! (a command for sure)
Mom: Well, ok i'll be right back.
- mom goes to the corner store mid-morning to buy a six pack of beer- totally funny in itself that my mom is buying only a six pack before noon.
She gets back to Gram's room with the beer. By now Gram has totally forgotten that she asked for the beer, her eyes still closed.
Mom: Hi mom I got some beer for you.
Gram: Oh that sounds sooooo good.

So they sat in the nursing home mid day and cracked open a beer. So nice.


Jessica said...

The Gram story was hilarious. Had to read that to my Husband. I think you should be able to have what ever you want when ever you want when you are 96. Go Gram!!

Us 4 said...

Great stories, I would of loved to of bumped into your ma buying the beer before noon.

Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

LOVE GRAM!! I'm sure I will be asking for wine about the same time in my life - or maybe a Vodka something drink!!

anna b said...

love this story, hopefully one of us will be with it enough to hook the other up when we're old women. Maybe we should start training the kids...

Denise Michele said...

How sweet of your Mama to indulge & allow for that moment. Touching.