Monday, February 8, 2010

Wes and I are in sunny farms today waiting to check out and next to us was an older man with bright blue eyes, a cool hat on, and an open kind face. He was looking at a family ahead of him with three kids and at Wes.
The man says:" Isnt it amazing how children can light up the face of any person no matter what their religion or culture is? I read the bible alot and in Matthew it says why. It says that each child has an angel assigned to him and that is why we are so attracted to babies because they are so close to their angels and to God-its almost like you can get a glimpse when you look at them."

His blue eyes twinkled and he walked away all light.


Carla said...

Josh has a great friend/mentor Dan Kelly from work whose wife, Iris, has a very strong faith. I still remember the first time she say Brody, he was bouncing all over on my lap (about 3 months old). She said, "This one sure has the light of Jesus in his eyes!" I thought it was so sweet, little did either of us know whose fire is really burning in the eyes of my little devil man ;)

Wendy said...

Funny Carla- that boy does has the fire! Love ya-Wen