Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet and Lucky Seven

Oh Abs I can't believe you are seven. The time has flown- I remember so well how you learned to crawl around, not doing the classic crawl but the kind where you tucked one leg under and scooted. I wonder if Wes will crawl like you. You had a great birthday yesterday- opened presents first thing off in the morning and then got to pick a breakfast place to go with your Papa, all of us with the day off. Court, Cass and I met you on a run to the park and you joined us for part running on your long skinny legs even helping me push Wes in the jogger for part. You didn't stop moving or bouncing the WHOLE day, you were so excited. You and your Papa decorated the house and you helped clean, then 4 friends from 3 different schools came over for your Pet Shop party. You guys decorated bags with markers and puffy paint, played musical paws, but the best was just running around outside, up in the tree via the rope, and playing your make believe horse games. You love pet shops animals right now, build extravagant houses out of used boxes, paper plates and whatever you salvage from around the house, I am amazed at your inventiveness. You have had a lot of change this year, a new brother and a new school. You have been the best big sister EVER- I love how Wes does his talking/screaming voice the most for you, how his face lights up when he sees you first thing in the morning and when he hears your voice as he is trying to fall asleep he always turns his head to the door to see if he can catch a glimpse of your face before he goes to sleep. School has been an adjustment, you have been brave and have grown up so much. I watch you in class and I appreciate how aware you are of other kids, how kind you are and how you love to joke around and laugh. You like to do well, you love to do art of any kind, you love jumping rope, wearing mismatched knee high socks, to do your homework, and for us to read books to you. You still hate to sit and eat food but do complain less about what we are having. You usually do your own hair now and often pack your lunch for school.

Oh Abs I can't believe you are seven- you are going to have such a good year, I can't wait to watch.


jwilskey said...

Happy Birthday Abby, sounds like a wonderful day! It was like yesterday we were laying those sweet baby girls next to each other snapping pictures! :)

kristy said...

that is so sweet! love that girl!

asha said...

Wen - you are such a wonderful writer and mother. I love you so much and kiss that amazing 7 year niece of mine. Osh

Libby said...

hi wen! abs, joe, wes, sorry i missed your birthday abby, i really wish i could have been there. looks like it was loads of fun, love all the pictures and everything you write woundy! i love you guys so much! love, wubba

Seattlemom said...

Oh sweet Abs. Happy Birthday Honey! Can't wait to see you and your sweet baby bro' soon. I love the mismatched knee socks. I'm loving watching you grow up sweetie.

Wendy said...

Thanks girls for all your Abby love. Jac- yes i vividly remember laying the girls on the couch to take their pics when they were only a couple months old!
Osh-right back at you girl miss you
Wub- hey honey, can't wait to see you when you make it back to this side. Love you loads.
Jillian- that girl loves her socks! hopefully PT soon!!:)