Friday, January 15, 2010


A few things I will remember about being at La Push for New Years.
Getting out there in the dark, Wes' s first sight of La push New Years Eve all bundled up on a night walk on he beach with flashligts
The full moon coming in and out of sight as the clouds flew by making the beach both light and dark.
Giant trees tumbling around in the 20 ft. waves and seeing seafoam fly past the camper.
A fireworks show in true reservation style- Joe and I outside the camper watching, the kids asleep.
The nights of no sleep, Wes crying, Abby with a fever.
The sun coming out the third day and feeling my body's response- hear deep breath and see this girl smile.
Abby making up this song.
This is the way Wesy sleeps, wa-aa, wa-aa, wa-aa.
This is the way Abby sleeps, snore sound snore sound
This is the way that mama sleeps, "oh my gosh wes, oh my gosh wes"
This is the way that papa sleeps, " come on wes, come on wes."
And when asked about her new years goal for 2010 Abby's response
"To get myself back in Five Acre." (The school she used to go to the last few years)

This is life, the good and the bad all wrapped up in a crumpled yet beautiful package.


kristy said...

love that Abs song...she is so amazing! you and Joe too!
they say parenting is the hardest thing to do...and you are doing it great!

Wendy said...

You are sweet girl.... back at you, one day at a time right? :)_