Sunday, July 19, 2009


Up drinking water and eating tums at 2am.
Wondering how much longer until we get to see that sweet baby's face
and knowing how much work there is to do in between.


Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

Oh, poor girl, I know that feeling of not sleeping, feeling yucky and done. That sweet face will be here in no time and you'll forget all about these long nights of anxiously waiting. You do have the strength and faith to get thru this!!

Wendy said...

Thanks Jess, love you

Seattlemom said...

Oh sweetie if only we could all just lift you up and carry you through it.

I remember going into labor with #3 and wondering WHY I thought this was such a good idea nine months earlier?? You will rock the world. xx00xx

Denise Michele said...
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Denise Michele said...

That's sleep deprivation getting you ready for -oh, yeah- sleep deprivation! But the sweetest kind, for sure! Thinking of you constantly....hoping for a beautiful birthing experience for the whole family. Love, love