Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Joseph "Wesley" Schroeder

Here are a few closer pics so you can actually see what he looks like. We finally decided on his name- he'll go by his middle in the male Schroeder tradition, so we'll call him Wesley or just Wes.
Abby says she might call him " Chu Chu."
We're all doing fine, low on sleep of course but all healthy and happy.


Seattlemom said...

Oh Wen he is just beautiful and love the name. Just love it. I'm afraid though that the boy looks an awful lot like that Daddy of his. He's gonna be a cutie! Can't wait to meet him. Sleep when you can and love every moment.

kristy said...

great pics, his look is already changed a bit! xo

Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

Yay Wes - Love it!! He is precious and I think he looks like Joe also! Tell Abs we say hi and give "Chu Chu" a kiss on those sweet baby toes for us!!

Jessica said...

You are a cutie, Wes!