Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Thanks Carla for the idea... Your turn Jess! and anyone else who feels so inclined...

Outside my Window... the grass is mowed and i hear the sprinkler going. Thanks to the all the boys- you are awesome!!

I am Thinking... about how happy I am that I don't have much work left to do but that I'm going to miss my work buddies.

I am Thankful for... staying home longer with this baby, that I won't be leaving a 10 week old baby with someone else while I go take care of other babies.. For my midwife, my family and my friends.

From the Kitchen... Sunny farms pizza and watermelon. Not too exciting these days...

I am Wearing... My favorite Costco sweats, a hoody, and slippers.

I am Creating... A healthy baby and some baby blankets. :)

I am Going... the first thing that came to mind was crazy but only for short moments, other times I feel just fine.

I am Reading... Spiritual Midwifery but would love some good fiction suggestions.

I am Hoping... That Kristy calls me tonight to tell me to come over because she is having a baby!!
I am Hearing... The fish tank water and stillness.

Around the House... all I can see is work to do..

One of my Favorite Things... watching Abby lead the horses around the pasture by herself, she is talking to them, the sun going down, and that lovely evening light.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week... Hopefully being present at a birth, finishing up work duties and trying to chill out...


jwilskey said...

love this Wendy, thanks for sharing! how much longer?? would love to see you if we make it to sequim this summer...most of our time is being spent at the beach!
take care.

kristy said...

another night slept through!

Jessica said...

Hey Wendy,

I have a handful of book reviews on my blog in the past few months. I've been on a reading frenzy! My new favorite author is Sarah Addison Allen. She has two great summer reads.