Thursday, June 18, 2009


Another ultrasound for low amniotic fluid. Today the fluid looks great and the baby is head down again! Hopefully now he/she stays there. I think i referred to this peanut as a stinker today for all the up and down. I also made an exit plan for work that involves being done after a few days next week and feel relieved for sure.
We got to listen as Abby led her own end of the year conference for Joe and I - showed us all her favorite art and her "portfolio" of work for the whole year, so so impressed on how much she learned and grew in such a short time. To the buzz for some ice cream and then some girl time tonight for a "circle of stones" ceremony for summer solstice.
Happy summer everyone, only a few days away...


Denise Michele said...

HEAD DOWN!?! Yay, baby!
My fingers are crossed :)
Happy Solstice...I hope you are getting plenty of rest, cause pretty soon.....
Much Love,

Wendy said...

Hey girl. I know.... I'm trying for sure. My body is definately yelling at me for it. :)

Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

So glad to hear you have an exit plan and a baby that is headed in the right direction!!! I miss you and am thinking about you tons!!!