Saturday, January 3, 2009

Laundry and Sun

So I knew I had some laundry to do, it has been a busy week. Instead of a load a day which would be organized, smart and not overwhelming, I tend to wait until I have a day's worth of washing and folding. Anyway.... so I take the last towel out of the drawer and oh my gosh, it is one that was dried on the line this summer, it smelled like heaven, sun and bright light. Made the day of washing worth it. Its been cold for weeks now and i find myself thinking of plants, sun, being warm, and summer. At least the sun is getting closer to hitting the house and the days are getting longer now.

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Seattlemom said...

Isn't line dried laundry wonderful? I've been dreaming of a line out back for months know for those two months of summer we get each year. I get that same rush when I pull something out of the drawer that was laundered at our fav Mexican laundry...months after we are home. I am immediately back on our island. Olfactory lust.