Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Train Ride to Portland

Abs and Joe walking up the long walkway to the Edmonds ferry. Abby was excited to finally go in there always seeing it from the car as we drive on. We only had to drive a total of 2 hrs. in a whole weekend trip to Portland, pretty cool.

Joe and Sarah reading a few books. She immediately loved Joe, always wanting him to pick her up and even giving him smooches. :)

Me and Jess, finally a weekend to catch up a little. Was great seeing you honey.

Abs and Joe in front of our train taking us back to Seattle. Was very relaxing and pretty effecient trip all in all going via train until the end when we had to stay in the King Street Station for 2 hrs. waiting to change trains to just go 25 min. to Edmonds, ughghgh.

Passing some time.

Sweet Sarah- Happy 1st birthday honey, was so glad we could come celebrate with you.

Jakob and Abs in the Eagle Nest at OMSI.

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jwilskey said...

Looks like so much fun Wendy! I have wanted to take Jevan on a train ride since he was little and so fascinated with trains. Thank you for reminding me that sometimes, you just gotta do it!!
Hope you are well. Jacquie