Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thousands of....

Tonight Abby and I walked for an hour and a half- well she rode in the jogger and I walked that is. I can already tell that it is getting cooler at night and the sun is lower in the sky when i go walking after dinner, weird that part of you feels you are right in the middle of summer but the light is naggingly telling you we're heading toward fall, winding down. On our way back from the walk we saw a few white butterflies flying around, kept walking and looked up in the trees. There were literally thousands of little white butterflies in the trees so when we looked up, our heads back as far as they would go all we saw was blue sky, a tree with no leaves and thousands of butterflies either perched or flying around, it was magic.
Abby whispers, "momma, its a butterfly forest, I think there are fairies in there, too."
I reply, "I think you are right Abby, I think you are right."


Jill said...

Now you KNOW what Mothering says about But I personally am certain that there are fairies in there. Certain.

Wendy said...

yeah i heard, that is so absurd..... of course there are. :)