Monday, July 21, 2008

One of my favorite things about summer...

All of this fruit picked by hand either from our yard or the farm down the road. This was Abby's first year of really picking strawberries, of course she ate ALOT- kept having to threaten that they were going to weigh her. She was in heaven though- a field full of one of her favorite fruits.

It was a bit hard picking this time around, maybe the second time through the field? The berries were on the small side but Abs stuck with it picking away trying hard to fill up her bucket, yelling "Jackpot" when she found a great patch.

Cherry crisp, strawberry rhubarb pie, a bunch of strawberry jam and berries for the freezer- yumm-o.

Thanks Kali and Courtney for helping, for laughing, and for just being here creating with me.

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