Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Nutcracker

Abby and Elena in the car on the way to the Nutcracker, soooo excited.

Abby and Elena waiting for the show to start! Elena came with us without her parents which is all very exciting for almost 5 year olds. She (Elena) whispered when the show had been going for about 5 minutes that " I love this!" with great expression.

We had a crew to see the Nutcracker this year in Port Angeles. Jenny, Mom, Courtney, Angelina, Abby, Elena, Joe, and myself. We thought seeing the slightly lesser version was good for this year, that the girls wouldn't know it wasn't the big Seattle production and maybe when they are a few years older we can fork over the money and do Seattle. I have to say that mostly I wanted to do this for the girls as they are very into ballet and LOVED the sugar plum fairy but it did put me in the Christmas mood. The music is lovely, dressing up and seeing a ballet that your kids are excited about was pretty fun.

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Watson Family said...

Abby looks like such a big girl!! So pretty in her dress. I can't wait to go to the nutcracker with Jakob and someday our little girl!