Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas, etc.

So, I'm not one of those people that is totally into Christmas. I mean I love the idea, the parties, and Christmas itself on the day, and the day before.
We are that family that puts up the tree the week before Christmas and doesn't really decorate until that time, too. I've only just started shopping in the last two days and for some reason feel all this pressure about it. Good God people, why do we have to start shopping a month away, the day after Thanksgiving- which I've never done. People's reader boards in town have the countdown of shopping days. The consumerism/marketing of it all just makes me crazy a little. Makes me want to take all the money we'll spend and give it to Heifer Project International and just stay home. Now some of you reading this are probably shaking your head saying, geez Wendy don't take it so seriously. Maybe I shouldn't but for some reason it really makes me crazy and takes the fun out of it. Ok, not so negative.

The Good Things About Christmas
- I like unpacking the ornaments and getting a new one each year.
- I like singing Christmas songs
- I like finding a present that you know someone will love
- I like frosted Christmas sugar cookies
- I like Christmas Eve service
- I like having tea with honey and milk in it on Christmas morning
- I like Abby's sleepy eyes and messy hair when she gets up and sees the tree and all the presents.
- I like being with my family
- I like how the Christmas lights look in the dark

That's all for now. Happy Shopping everyone!

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