Thursday, October 18, 2007


There is something about birth that speaks to the
very core of my being. Watching a woman's belly get bigger and bigger each time you see her, and watching that same woman get more beautiful with each passing month than you thought imaginable. Watching her prepare and seek out other woman to feel the support she needs for this transitional time. Watching her face light up each time she talks of the baby coming even though she is more exhausted than she thought she could be. Finally, getting that call that It has begun. I feel like my every nerve is on overdrive, as close as I could come to actually feeling electric. Until you get there and the hard work for that mother really begins and you feel helpless at the same time you feel amazed. You try and encourage and just be with her as she does this hard work that is birth. The laboring mother is in another place, as close as you could be to anyone who is on a different spiritual plane that you are. You wish you could transfer a few contractions to yourself and give her a break but you know this thought is futile, you just do what her eyes are telling you to do, which is different for every woman, every birth.
Then this life slips into the world and you cry because you just Feel so so much.

Thank you, Jenny for letting me be part of Liam' s birth, I am so honored.

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