Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some recent Pics- La Push

We had a fantastic weekend at La Push with the family and seeing our Nephew Cody get married to a super cool girl. The wedding was perfect, small, and on top of a mountain! The ocean was sunny, hardly windy, and so lovely- sunset sat. night was gorgeous. We even got to see some bigger waves Sun. at Rialto Beach- couldn't get much better out there.

The Girls at La Push checking out the waves.

Abby and Angelina ready for the wedding!

07 Toppers Photography Soccer Team

Snider Lookout - Cody and Kaylene's wedding

Abs and her Papa

Abby's favorite part of the whole weekend- climbing on all the driftwood and pretending she was a panther!

Abs and I on a stormy day at Rialto Beach.


courtney smith said...

Cute pics! We had a fun weekend!
love court

Jill said...

Great photos! And Joe...cleans...up pretty nicely too. Who'd have thought :)