Saturday, March 28, 2015


my stab at random musings....

You know it's been awhile since you left, that even throwing up children in airports doesn't even quell your enthusiasm for traveling.
That the promise of hearing whales talk to each other under water makes you jump off a lava shelf.
When you are on the beach watching your daughter in the ocean and she gets too far away from your husband, you don't realize you aren't breathing until she gets back to him...
That you haven't arrived until you smell plumeria and eat spam musubi.
That you realize how much you move and how busy you are at home.... When the first day of vacation all you do is go in the water and then lay down and not move.
Watching the sun go down even in the rain is always a perfect idea.
Neighbor cats that visit the backyard keep your children entertained for hours.
You always read books that someone you love adores, even if it makes you cry and the sunscreen burns your eyes.
The second application of sunscreen is The most important.
Watching his face as he's about to jump in the ocean makes my heart feel all light.
Most of all.... When you stop moving and you start being, you realize with the utmost clarity that  beauty is everywhere you look.