Monday, November 19, 2012


I figured out what I adore about her and why each novel is awaited and savored from me.  She is so real and genuine as a writer, things I love about people too.  She writes about big topics and doesn't dress them up.  She doesn't give you a packaged ending all tidy, she lets it out, the nitty gritty of how life goes.  How some things you don't get to chose and some you do.  That we are all human, living here, and it isn't pretty sometimes but resiliency abounds and in the face of great pressure and sadness there is also so much beauty.  

Stunning.  Tickets to see this are very expensive but Angangueo is on the LIST! 

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Carla said...

Always think of you when I hear anything about Kingsolver. Listed to a great "Fresh Air" with her a few weeks ago!