Sunday, March 11, 2012

This is Abby's new 4-H heifer.  Right now we are calling her Itsy-Bitsy.
She is a miracle baby. Her mama was very sick through most of the pregnancy, She is my nephew Jake's cow.  They weren't sure if the calf would be alive because she was so sick but she was.  The mama survived just long enough to get this little bitty girl out and then died soon after.  She is tiny, the size that twins usually are when there isn't enough room.  She is sweet, energetic, and a little spit fire. PERFECT for Abs.  
Its almost feeding time, the calf is trying to find milk in her armpit. :)


Jessica Watson said...

Love that Itsy Bitsy, she is adorable!! We have a book about a weiner dog named Itty Bitty, who was the runt and became a hero - hurray for the under dogs!
Love the new blog colors!

Seattlemom said...

oh my that is so sweet...just so sweet. x0