Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Pics

The comments are all messed up but you get the drift. No energy to fix it. :) Ferry trip on the way home from Seattle Abs and Joe up in the Space Needle- this picture I feel like Abs is looking so old! :( Ready to go swimming Mama! Wessy's favorite spot in the hotel watching all the cars and announcing every truck that went by!! Stormy outside on the ferry Abby's Rat grave- need I say more? Morning Sun and the porch. Finally.

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Jessica Watson said...

Cute Cute Cute! I love me a naked boy! Is that a swim diaper on his head?! Too cute!
Abby is getting so big, crazy! Is that the same hotel that we stayed at with the Prock family - for Abs bday?
Remember that pic of Ab, Boone and Jakob in a window like that?