Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dirty Bit....

Inspired by the Black Eyed Peas.... the nitty gritty of late.

Screaming boy of 19 months at the dinner table, not wanting to eat but to "make" things with all of our food. Too much Iron chef perhaps??? a little boy who wants to do everything his sister is doing, wants to be on her top bunk to play with all the little stuff he wrecks, albeit not on purpose just "messes up" per Abby.

Also a sweet little boy who loves to run around naked after his bath, who last night made his sound- ceeekkkhhh (his noise for anything gross, garbage, poop, whatever) which meant he had to go to the bathroom- he ran in and peed on the potty instead of the floor- horray! who LOVES to be outside getting wet, running his trucks around, taking walks to the shop to sit on every tractor seat available- you should see the smile.

Fairy houses, play dates here and there, in the car with Mumford and Sons playing, videos being made by Abs of her and her brother/friends, the sun coming out along with the rain/hail and wind, garden beds getting trimmed back, birds chirping, everything so green, appreciating nap time and oh the quiet, reading, breathing, stretching and gymnastic practice in the living room, feeling like there isn't enough time for everything, or enough energy, or enough......

Also some yelling and apologizing, some hugging and appreciating. This journey is so wild at times and also so blissfully simple. Look up today and see the sky. Love. Love.

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