Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last night

Last night Abs in the tub.
Abs: Momma, I think i want to go to Ireland. maybe live there.
me: sounds good baby, then i can visit. Maybe you could go to college there.
Abs: yeah, that would be cool.
-somehow it came up about having to pay for college
me: how i did it was try to get really good grades in school so i could get a scholarship that paid for it. otherwise you don't go or you get loans to pay and then you pay it back.
Abs: ohh... so that is how you do it.
me: we are lucky because you have a farm across the street to that you can work all summer to earn money when you get bigger and can run the tractors.
Abs: yeah... i really want to do that. but mom I don't really want to get any older because working all the time seems hard. Can't the world just stop growing right now and we could all just stay this old? Then Wessy would be cute forever!
me: he will still be cute when he's older just like you are and no Wessy has to get bigger so his momma can stop chasing him around.
And we laughed. Then she went on splashing the water out of the tub because she is being all crazy and me getting mad at her for getting water all over (happens almost every tub she takes.) Funny how there are little moments of vision and then you snap back into life and the moment is gone.
I just want to be able to look back and remember.

Today I walked for more than an hour with the sun on me the whole time....ahhhhhh.


Jessica said...

A wonderful memory and so true how you have those sweet little moments and then back to being a parent. How I want and try so hard to remember all those sweet little moments. Walking in the sun for an hour sounds like heaven!!

kristy said...