Sunday, October 10, 2010

ER and Fairies

He is fine, after a trip to the ER with a really high fever and what i learned are myclonic seizures. Apparently they can be totally normal when you have a high fever like your nervous system is irritable. It was a bit scary for momma with his fever so high and this jerking, calls to the doc on call at midnight and of course it would be on a night Joe was working nights. He was super brave having to get a urine specimen and blood work, the ER doc said he just had a virus, that we were to just treat the symptoms. After a second night of little sleep and being covered in vomit this morning he is finally looking better, playing, smiling with no fever left. This is the first time he's really been sick, ughgh i hate it. Hoping we all sleep like rocks tonight.

Tonight in the bathroom while Wessy was taking a tub.

Abby: Momma did you know that there is a Wessy fairy?

Me: What do you mean?

Abby: I mean there is a fairy inside of Wessy, its his soul.

Me: Like there is a fairy with wings and everything inside him?

Abby: Yes, exactly.

Me: Wow, i really like that, that means maybe when each of us die our soul fairy gets to keep living and playing.

Abby: Yeah, that is what i think anyway.

There are times as a parent that you are able to separate yourself from this "job" as being responsible for their safety, morals, and general upbringing and are able to just see them for their own people and how magical they truly are.

Soul Fairies, I think its brilliant.


Seattlemom said...

Sending the sweet boy a hug and kiss. And Abs....well she's pretty damn smart that girl is.

Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

Oh my goodness Wen, that is awful, how scary!!
Glad to hear he is feeling better. Hoping you have been able to catch some rest this week!
Thinking of you guys!
Oh and I LOVE the fairy idea, how fantastic!