Monday, September 6, 2010

The Rain

A quiet day at home today, all of us home. I got to go running for the first time in a couple months probably, it was hard. Always baffles me that i can run 13 miles and don't run for a month or so and 3 miles feels hard. ughgh, back at the start again. I came and got Wes to walk the last mile, him in the stroller. It was barely sprinkling when we started out, the air warm. On our way back it really started pouring rain. I love it when it rains hard like that, tipped my head back, smiling and stuck my tongue out to catch the water. I put the cover over his stroller so he wouldn't get soaked but he kept pushing it back. He wanted to be in the rain, too. His body was all still and at the end he just looked up at me and smiled the biggest smile, with his hair soaking wet and barefeet sticking out. Times when you see something of yourself in them so clearly, makes your chest so tight for all the love you feel.

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