Tuesday, December 8, 2009

At the breakfast table

Abby mutters sort of under her breath....." Someone has to know if Santa is real, I just have to know..."
This momma takes a deep breath and states, "Ok Abby, are you ready?"
Abs: Yep.
me: I talk about how it started that yes he WAS a real guy, how he did it and that there was definately magic involved but that that person died. Talked about traditions and how things evolved (simple version for sure) and about the spirit of christmas how fun it is to give gifts to people that we love.
Abs: Ok mama. That sounds ok to me.
Then she smiles and says "I definately know elves are real I just wasn't sure about Santa."
Such a sweetie girl.


Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

OOOOH that is so sweet! Jakob is totally into Santa and elves right now, he is REAL for sure!
I'm sure I'll be right there with you a couple years though - he's pretty logical, just like Abs!
I just got the question again the other night out of the blue - "How does the baby get into the tummy again?"
There poor brains are filled so much stuff, can you imagine trying to process it all!!
Love you Abs!

Jessica said...


Carla said...

NO NO NO! It is too soon, that day is too close for me. I know it is coming and I hate it! My sister's kids were great until like 4th grade by I know the little rocket scientist will have the time change, world meridian thing figured out soon enough!