Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It feels like there is too much to say about how nice Seattle was this last weekend.
What it feels like to have that much alone time with Joe without interruptions and little people needing you.
What it feels like to see familiar Seattle from the ferry.
What it feels like to stay in a nice hotel with a pillow menu and recycling in the rooms.
What it feels like to go out to a nice dinner, eat good food and drink lemon drops.
What it feels like to hear someone sing live that you really like, to have the concert be better than you thought it could be, to feel so ''full" and happy after.
What it feels like to go to sleep and sleep for 5 hrs in one stretch!!! ya-hoo.
What it feels like to lay in bed and read in the morning without feeling guilty that you aren't taking care of someone or something. That only in Seattle is the in-room coffee actually good.
What it feels like to be in Elliot Bay Book store without kids.
The ferry home all relaxed and soooo missing our kids.
What it feels like to come home, hug a happy Abby playing Go Fish with her Grandma and wake Wes up because i just couldn't stand not to hold him when we got there.
Less than 24hrs away but i feel recharged and like me again.

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Mark, Jessica, Jakob, Sarah and Roxy said...

So jealous!! Sounds fantastic!! Glad you were able to get away!! We need to meet for a weekend in Seattle, maybe a girls weekend?!