Sunday, May 31, 2009

The last 2 weeks

Joe and Abs went to the park and ended up catching her first fish after someone lent her their pole because they had their limit. She was pretty proud of her fish, even helped her papa clean it. When it came to eating it however, she wasn't having any of it.

We actually got the garden planted one evening this week. Thanks Kali for getting it all ready to plant and for all your help when we were sick!!

Abs and her Papa

Joe took the training wheels off Abs bike and in true Abby style (that she won't try it until she can do it all the way) she only needed one run behind and now she has got it. She's crashed a couple times but seems to be unphased. Her first day of riding, she also has been trying to master her skid in the dirt driveway. She loves it!!

Well.... it feels a bit like I'm re-entering the world after being super sick (all three of us) with influenza A!! Needless to say having the flu isn't pleasant anytime, ever, but being pregnant and not being able to take anything was a little gnarly. We're all still a bit wiped out energy wise but seem to be on the mend. Horray! Now no more being sick until this baby is out, my immune system seems to be non-existant when i'm pregnant apparently.


Jessica said...

Your are right, sick isn't fun ever and very very not fun when pregnant. Glad everyone is feeling better!

Seattlemom said...

SO glad you are all feeling better. Go ABS! so sweet w/o those extra wheels. Stay healthy so we can see you later this month! I need to rub that tummy.