Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Man.... this blogging thing, sometimes it is so hard to do. I'm sick finally after its gone through everyone in the house. I'm sipping on lemon ginger tea reaking of eukalyptus oil and vicks vapor rub. My face feels as though it would like to explode and the netti pot is full of salt water waiting for the next irrigation.. ughgh. good times. BUT.... outside the sun is shining on the water, the cat is walking on the railing to her food, the dogs on a ride to the barn where Joe and Abs are stocking hay for the horses. And today I got to sit at the bluffs, listen to the waves while I caught up on some charting.... pretty nice.

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Carla said...

You poor baby! Get those sinuses cleared out, yucky. Thinking about you, needing to get these diapers in the mail to you mama!